Wedding Photographer

I am a Yorkshire based Wedding Photographer who shoots documentary style, quirky, alternative, edgy wedding couples. Along with a few styled portraits to suit your style, creating you a visual story of your day in pictures.

Documentary Wedding Photographer
Yorkshire Documentary Wedding Photographer

What is Documentary Wedding photography?

Your wedding day will be captured documentary style letting you enjoy your day without interruptions.

Blending into the background capturing the special moments as they are happening. Photographing the mornings excitement as you both get ready, the guests arriving and the wedding as it happens.

A documentary wedding photographer is also known as reportage or journalistic wedding photographer, un-staged natural photography as your day unfolds. Capturing the moments as they happen, giving you natural images of your wedding day and creating a visual story for you to look back on in years to come.

No Cheesy Line up Wedding Photos

More than a Just a Documentary Wedding Photographer. You can choose to have a few creative portraits I will squeeze them in to the shortest time possible so you can rejoin your guests. A mix of fun, romantic, creative wedding portraits of just the two of you Want a few with friends and family? No cheesy line up photos allowed! Lets create some memorable images that will make you smile for years to come.

Wedding photography at church
Wedding portrait photographer

You are unique and have your own style. You have a personal vision for your wedding day from the colour scheme to the venue style. You have your own plan for your day, or maybe go with the flow. Whatever your ideas I want to capture your day as it happens. The little touches you have created, your friends laughing and enjoying themselves and of the both of you celebrating your day.

It must be love, love, love
It must be love, love, love
Nothing more, nothing less
Love is the best

Labi Siffre

Wedding Photography Packages

I have two simple packages a full day’s photography from getting ready to right into the party. Creating a full story book of your day, the excitement, emotions, the special and fun moments. Available in Yorkshire and around the UK.

A half day package is available within a 50-mile radius of Whitby. Starting half an hour before you arrive, capturing the wedding guests, the wedding itself, portraits of you both and family and friends.

I also offer a pre-wedding photography / Portrait Photography session. A couple of hours of fun in a location of your choice.

Full Day Wedding Photography:

8-10 hours of stealth like photography with a few portraits thrown in.

You will receive around 500 finished images
All images uploaded to a password protected gallery.

Download your images to make prints and books and share with Friends and Family.


Half Day Wedding Photography:

4 hours of stealth like photography with a few portraits thrown in.

You will receive around 200 finished images
All images uploaded to a password protected gallery.

Download your images to make prints and books and share with Friends and Family.


Wedding Photography FAQ’s

Yorkshire Wedding Photographer? – do you only work within that area?

I am a documentary wedding photographer based in Yorkshire. I live in Whitby on the Yorkshire coast, but do travel up and down the UK if you would like me to photograph your wedding. Additional costs will apply (sorry, but I have to charge for overnight stays on long distance).

How would you describe your wedding photography style?

I’m am mainly reportage wedding photographer (also referred to as journalistic or documentary) 80-90% of the day is photographed as it happens. I capture things as they happen, the laughs, special moments, and the evening reception dancefloor. I create you a storybook of images that you can view to relive your wedding day.

If you would like portraits, we can choose a time in the day to create them without too much interruption to your celebrations.

What is a Reportage Wedding Photographer?

Reportage wedding photography is a style of photography that focuses on capturing candid and natural moments of your wedding day. The photographer aims to document the day as it unfolds, without interfering or directing the events.

Instead of staged and posed shots, reportage wedding photography relies on the photographer’s ability to anticipate and capture the emotions and atmosphere of the day. This approach results in a collection of authentic and intimate images that truly reflect the personalities and emotions of the couple and their guests.

Reportage wedding photographers use their experience and expertise to blend in with the crowd, capturing moments that might otherwise go unnoticed. They focus on the details, the emotions and the interactions between people, creating a visual story of the day that will allow you to relive the magic for years to come.

The reportage style is ideal for couples who want a more relaxed, natural and spontaneous approach to their wedding photography. It’s a great way to capture the unique spirit of your wedding and create memories that will last a lifetime.

Do you provide wedding video?

If you want video, I have a preferred supplier who can come along at an additional cost. Contact me for more information.

We would like a 2nd photographer; can you provide one?

Yes! I can guide you if I think a 2nd shooter is required. No need to add extra cost if it is not needed.

Most weddings only need one wedding photographer, but on occasion it is recommended to have two. Larger weddings or if you require some extra special portrait images can benefit with an extra pair of hands. A second photographer can be added for £500

Do you do group shots?

As I am a documentary wedding photographer all your guests will be photographed at some point in the day. This mostly rues out the need the cheesy line ups. Endless line up photographs can look a bit stale and uninteresting so when group shots are needed, I create something a bit more exciting.

I would recommend keeping them to a minimum, so that it does not eat into your celebrations.

What if you have not photographed at my venue before?

If I cannot visit your venue before your wedding day, I will arrive a little earlier to familiarise myself. I also check out your venue beforehand online too.

Do you photograph all the special elements?

Yes. The rings, cars, wedding attire, cake, decorations, the venue, the list goes on. Let me know of any elements that are on your must have list beforehand.

How many images do we receive?

On a full day’s wedding photography, you will receive approximately 500 images. I do take many more but spend the time picking the best images and retouch any where needed. They will be delivered to you via a secure digital download. You will be able to share with friends and family, on social media and download the files to make prints, books and framed wall art. You will have the rights to print as many as you wish.

Can you provide wedding albums?

Yes, of course. I use a high-quality album supplier in Italy. I can design your album for you from your choice of images. Please ask about the options.

I can also prove high quality professional prints and framed pictures.

Are you insured?

Yes, I am fully insured.

What next?

If I wish book you, what happens next? Just get in touch so we can arrange a video call, you can let me know all about your wedding day plans and what you want from your photography. If I am still a good fit for your day, I ask you to make a booking deposit of £300 to secure your day. The rest is payable 28 days before your wedding

I am a Yorkshire wedding photographer who specialises in reportage style photography offers a unique approach to capturing your special day. Rather than staging posed shots, reportage style photography focuses on capturing candid and spontaneous moments that truly reflect the emotions and atmosphere of your wedding.

This approach allows me the photographer to blend in with the crowd and capture the day as it unfolds, without interfering or disrupting the natural flow of events. The result is a collection of authentic and intimate images that will transport you back to your wedding day for years to come.

A reportage style photographer will work closely with you to understand your vision for your wedding day and will take the time to get to know you as a couple. They will be sensitive to your needs and preferences and will use their experience and expertise to capture the moments that matter most to you.

Whether you’re planning a traditional wedding in a grand stately home or a quirky celebration in a rustic barn, a reportage style photographer will be able to capture the essence of your day in a way that reflects your unique style and personality.

So, if you’re looking for a Yorkshire wedding photographer who can provide a fresh and creative approach to capturing your special day, consider a reportage style photographer. With their eye for detail, passion for storytelling, and commitment to capturing the magic of your wedding day, they will help you create memories that will last a lifetime.