I’m Rob. An Alternative Wedding Photographer in Whitby

I live in Whitby photographer, photographing weddings and events all over the UK.

As well as being and Alternative Wedding Photographer I sometimes venture out of Whitby to the big city to photograph live bands, bands I like.

I hang around with my wife a lot, she is my best friend.

Ellie is an alternative wedding celebrant and we love to work together. Me capturing the images of a couples wedding adventure, and Ellie writing a delivering personal bespoke wedding ceremonies. We love to work with couples with similar interests.

My favoured things (other than my wife and family) are live and alternative music, dark ales, my dog, tea, Star Wars, art (I like painting) and my iPhone, I love the fact it can take a picture and fits in my pocket.

Rob a Whitby Photographer
Whitby based photographer photographing a bride and colourful bridemaids

Music, live bands and Star Wars

As well as being an alternative wedding photographer, I love music and live bands, the alternative type. You can find me in the crowd at a Killing Joke gig, sometimes in the pit photographing the PIL, photographing bands at Whitby Goth Festival or covering and event. I sometimes DJ, when I’m asked. I play stuff I like and makes you dance. 80’s 90’s alternative with rock ‘a’ billy thrown in. I listen to a lot of music when working at home.

Although I love Star Wars, episodes 1,2 and 3 should be sent into space and never spoke about again. Big up for JJ Abrahams who brought balance to the force. (additional, Episodes 8 and 9 also need to be buried near to the earths core) Oh, and the best trilogy ever isn’t Star Wars it’s Back to the future.

We moved to Yorkshire a few years ago from the Midlands after spending most of our time, holidays and work in Whitby and the surrounding areas. I love this place.

Night club photography
Live music photography
Portrait of gothic couple
Golf event photographer

All I want is a photo in my wallet
A small remembrance of something more solid
All I want is a picture of you

Christopher Stein / Deborah Harry / James Destri