Cath and Rich’s wedding in North Yorkshire

Cath and Richard had their wedding in North Yorkshire and married at La Rosa, Whitby.

They both live in the Midlands, but their hearts were set on Whitby to be the place for their wedding. A small gathering of close friends and family arrived a La Rosa, a quirky hotel and tea room on Whitby’s West cliff with a view of the harbour and Yorkshires famous Whitby Abbey.

Ellie from North Yorkshires Alternative Ceremonies led the celebrant wedding  including a handfasting ceremony and sand ceremony.

Cath and Richard braved the North Yorkshire coast weather for wedding portraits at Whitby Abbey.

La Rosa Hotel , North Yorkshire signage
north yorkshire wedding
groom smiling waiting for bride
Bride and bridesmaid in peacock colour dresses
bride walked down isle
bride and groom laughing in la Rosa Hotel wedding room
bridesmiads flowers
groom reads vows to bride
bride smiling at groom
handfasting ceremony
exchanging rings
bride and groom kiss
wedding certificate signing
bride and groom kiss
bride and groom just wed
brides peacock flowers
brides peacock inspired wedding dress
wedding party
wedding rings
wedding portrait in grounds of Whitby Abbey
bride and groom close toghter in from of Whitby Abbey Ruins
Whitby Abbey

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